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Radio can transform your business!

There are many reasons why you should move up to advertise on radio. The top five are listed below, to find out more, call the CC-RADIO team on 01236 724263   or email and get your company put into cars, homes and workplaces across North Lanarkshire.

The top five reasons why radio can transform your business!


Advertise with Us

1) Radio is intrusive – it plays an active role in the listener’s life. At home, at work, in the car even in the shower, radio is everywhere! A print advertisement can be missed at the turn of a page, however you can’t switch off your ears!

2) Radio is a frequency medium – a radio campaign doesn’t comprise of just one advertisement on publication day,  but over a longer period of time ensuring results

3) Radio is inexpensive – radio commercial production is very cost effective, this allows greater flexibility in your campaign. Commercial messages can easily be adapted or varied to react to external circumstances.

We have a fantastic range of promotional and sponsorship opportunities on air and online to suit your business needs

4) Radio reaches more of your customers and prospects – radio is universal, it can be heard in or outdoors, in towns and villages, 24 hours per day and it has no cover price.

5) Radio is personal – listeners turn to local radio for news, weather, traffic and travel, sport and entertainment news. Listeners rely on this information and trust their station to provide accurate and up to date information. The strategic placement of your commercial messages around key information provision will ensure high levels of listener retention.

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