Show Sponsorship

Sponsor Any Show for only £100 per month.

Just imagine that your favourite show starts and then immediately after the first jingle has finished up pops a snappy little announcement for your company, something like:

“This programme is bought to you by Cumbernauld Watersports Centre. Cumbernauld Watersports hosts a number of watersports clubs such as sailing, canoeing, diving and rowing and we are always looking for new members, so please call us on 01236 211223″

And, then just to make sure that they’ve got the message we’ll repeat the announcement at the end of the programme too!

For only £200 per month this sponsorship this offer gives you pride of place within a weekly CC-RADIO broadcast and the admiration of a specifically targeted set of regular listeners.

Your announcement will also feature on our listen again programmes and we’ll add some website sponsorship just to sweeten the deal.

How does that sound? Good! Ok just call Station Manager XYZ Name on 077XX XXX XXX or email

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