Who Sponsors CC-Radio?

We only sell advertising to local independent companies so you can be sure that your advert will stand out!

We’ve helped many local businesses get their message out across North Lanarkshire. Talking to local people is what we do and we make it easy for you to do the same.

Our current list of sponsors is found at the bottom of this page but we’re always interested in picking up more support. We’re not just looking for money either – if you have goods or services that you think we may benefit from then please get in touch with an offer to trade services.

Working with CC-RADIO tells our listeners that you have a set of values that includes them. Get more details about individual packages by following the link to the right or simply email sponsor@cc-radio.com or call our office on 07XXX-XXX-XXX to chat with our team about designing a bespoke package that meets your companies specific needs.

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