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Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about the relevance of radio advertising. Think about it, radio advertising has been around for almost one-hundred years. You know you’ve got something good when it lasts a century! With the challenges that advertisers are facing with digital channels, broadcast radio advertising is once again a more appealing alternative.

Here are seven reasons why radio advertising should still be your top choice:

Radio Sells Everywhere

Radio is a completely mobile medium. We listen to the radio in our cars, at work, during workouts, at parties. It’s one of the only forms of advertising that your customers take with them everywhere they go. As a result, radio is a daily habit, but we’ll get into that later.

Plus, you can reach consumers during a window of opportunity when they can take immediate action. Picture this: you’re driving your car and hear a coffee advertisement and then see the same coffee sign three miles up the road. It’s more compelling to stop in for a quick drink if you’ve just listened to a relevant advertisement.

Radio Escapes the Clutter

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In this day and age, advertisements bombard us. That’s not a bad thing, but it can make it pretty difficult to escape the clutter. Print publications are made up of nearly two-thirds advertisements and television spends about one-third of the time playing commercials. In comparison, radio devotes about 10 minutes on advertising per hour (that’s one-fifth or less)—it is an uncluttered medium.

Radio is Easy to Buy

Did you know that you can buy radio ads as easily as you can buy digital? The top advertisers and agencies are using Jelli to buy radio fast and easy. Seriously, you can plan, upload creative, buy, and place an ad with just a few clicks in minutes!

Radio is Creative

Radio ads can be funny, emotional, or memorable. Do you want a chorus in your ad? A laughing child? A catchy song? Radio has the ability to capture your audience’s attention and build better brand recognition more easily than other mediums. In fact, I bet you can think of a catchy radio jingle right now.

Radio is Efficient

Radio is a cost effective ad medium. Our packages give you the best bang for your buck, as cheesy as that might sound, and delivers 20% more ROI. Not to mention, it’s safe and allows your ads to be placed on a leading stations with trusted local brands and audiences. You can’t lose with more returns and no ad fraud.

Radio is Front and Center

With radio, you’re always front and center with your audience when your ad is on the air. Imagine never being buried deep in the pages of a publication or surrounded by your competitor’s ads.

Radio Reaches the Right People

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No matter who your target demographic is, radio can deliver. Radio’s variety of formats allows you to pinpoint specific stations and day parts that best fit your customer’s lifestyles and interests.

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